GMA Leadership

Scott Noddin, GMA President
Scott’s goal is to ensure that a wide range of professional, social, and networking events are facilitated throughout the year to engage all Carroll School graduate students as well as the significant number of BC Carroll School graduate alumni. In addition to this overall goal, Scott works to ensure the GMA’s communications are coordinated to maximum participation in various opportunities.

David Cote, VP Networking
In his role as VP Networking, Dave facilitates sharing, improving, and delivering networking practices for the GMA inside and outside of Boston College. He is passionate about serving others, building relationships, exchanging information and ideas, bringing the class together, and leaving a positive legacy.

Jon McCalie, VP Part-Time MBA
Jon represents the interests of part-time MBA students within the GMA and the Carroll School. His primary goal is to help part-time MBA students access the traditional MBA social and networking experiences.

Brendan Monroe, VP Social Events
Brendan’s responsibilities include event planning for different sporting and social events throughout the year, managing relationships at Boston College, and coordinating with networking and club officials on events. Brendan is passionate about event planning, forging relationships both within and outside the MBA program, and cheering on the Eagles to victory in a variety of sporting events.

Marcus Smith, Treasurer
Marcus oversees the GMA budget, reconciling receipts for social, networking, and club events. As a former senator on the Graduate Student Association at BC, he has extensive institutional knowledge and student organization management skills. He is a dual degree student, pursuing MBA and MSW degrees at Boston College.

Brittany Viola, VP Student Organizations
Brittany manages GMA student clubs, which enable students to explore career opportunities, strengthen their skills, and expand their networks. Her responsibilities include providing support with event planning, funding allocation, and engaging students across graduate programs. She also acts as a liaison between the GMA, the clubs, and the Carroll School administration.

GMA Representatives

Cal Crawford, Part-Time MBA Representative
Cal assists the VP Part-Time MBA with advocating for the interests of part-time MBA students. He is a firm believer in the importance of building community, specifically in regards to part-time MBA students, and hopes to increase opportunities for part-timers that are available through traditional MBA programs.