GMA Leadership

Max Gadicke | GMA President,
Max’s goal is to foster a strong sense of community within the graduate community at Boston College. He plans to achieve this through a wide array of professional and social events, as well as clubs and other relationship-building activities. 

Janelle Reiher | VP Treasurer,
Janelle’s overall responsibility is to oversee the management and allocation of the GMA annual budget to ensure that all student organizations, networking functions, and social events are properly funded throughout the year.

Elizabeth Allen | VP Student Organizations,
Elizabeth’s goal is to help BC MBA candidates expanded their career possibilities through student organizations. To achieve this goal, she works in concert with the club leadership, the GMA, and the Carroll School administration to help clubs implement high impact events. She is excited about the responsibilities and working with the clubs to achieve their goals.

Kunlin Yang | VP Alumni Relations & Networking,
Kunlin is dedicated to helping connect current Carroll School students with BC alumni throughout the country, further extending the Carroll School community. She hopes to achieve this by working with other GMA representatives, and the larger BC community, to establish new networking events and opportunities.

Emily McConnell | Co-VP Community Engagement,
Emily is responsible for planning events across both sporting and social gatherings during the school year. In serving to facilitate the year’s social events, Emily works with the rest of the GMA and relevant student leaders to ensure events are fun and to foster a sense of inclusivity and community.  

Julianna Marqui

Julianna Marqui | Co-VP Community Engagement,
Julianna is also responsible for planning events across both sporting and social gatherings during the school year. Julianna has held multiple roles in the GMA and has also worked to foster the connection with the part-time community.  

Josh Goldstein | VP Part-Time MBA,
Josh represents the part-time MBA student body and works with the GMA to cultivate a sense of community among all Carroll School graduate students through networking, professional, and social events. 

Alejandra Trejo | VP Communications,
Alejandra works closely with all teams in the GMA to direct and manage messaging to the student body. Alejandra oversees timely and accurate communication and is the first GMA member to hold this position.

Blaine McNulty | VP Community Services,
Blaine’s mission is to bring the sense of community and giving to the Carroll School. He helps his classmates fulfill their community service commitment and connects the school with local service opportunities.

First-Year Representatives:

Elections will be held mid-September, join the GMA leadership team!