Future Leaders Advocacy & Advisory Group

Who We Are

The Future Leaders Advocacy & Advisory Group (FLAAG) is a group of graduate student leaders who will drive a more equitable environment at Boston College. The advisory and advocacy group will act as thought partners with the Carroll Graduate School Administration to support social and racial justice initiatives at the Carroll Graduate School of Management. It will collectively make decisions around the future state of critical organizational processes and community engagement efforts to achieve its mission. FLAAG’s vision for success is an organizational culture where diversity thrives, inclusion and belonging is the norm, and equity in all its forms is the outcome.

What We Do

FLAAG is on a quest to redesign the organizational culture at Carroll Graduate School of Management (internal structures, policies, and norms that impact graduate students) to build a more equitable culture at Boston College. Working towards equitable outcomes means the redesign process itself must shift to ensure inclusive decision-making. FLAAG is committed to systems change work with a long standing belief that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work is not an initiative or separate series of activities, but an enduring commitment woven through everything we do at the Carroll Graduate School of Management. 

FLAAG is not a divisive entity but rather a platform for collective leadership and advocacy to equip business leaders with the necessary tools to address structural and systemic inequities. To drive transformative change and advance equity, it requires us to be courageous, to speak truth to power to achieve social, economic, and racial justice.

Additional Information for Carroll School Graduate Students

To learn more about FLAAG initiatives, please access the Google Drive folder below (Note: You can access the folder with your BC login credentials).

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