The Graduate Management Association is the elected student body of the Graduate Programs of the Carroll School of Management. We enhance the professional, academic, and social graduate student experience through club activities, programming recommendations, and social events.

Our Focus

Networking and Career Development

  • Networking events on and off campus
  • Carroll School of Management club activities
  • Alumni relations

Social Events

  • Thirsty Thursdays and Frosty Fridays
  • BC football tailgates
  • End of semester celebrations
  • Winter Gala
  • Welcome Back BBQ
  • BC MBA 5K Race

Getting Involved

All full-time and part-time graduate students at the Carroll School of Management have the opportunity to join the GMA. Elections for first-year representatives are held at the beginning of the fall semester. We are looking for motivated and energetic students who want to be involved with the BC Carroll School community. Stay tuned!