Consulting Club

The BC Graduate Consulting Club educates and informs graduate students about the consulting industry, and provides practical, tangible resources for members to gain exposure to the field.  Feel free to reach out to club leadership with any questions or feedback. Below, you will be able to find details on recent and upcoming events.

Thursday, December 3: Consulting Industry Panel
5:30 to 7 PM Fulton 130
The Consulting Club hosted Kevin Roach from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Jesse Bonanno from Accenture to discuss internal and external consulting and to highlight similarities and differences. Kevin and Jesse discussed their project experiences and the recruiting process for their respective firms in a guided interview format.

Thursday, November 5: Technology Consulting Info Session
6 to 7 PM Fulton 150
The Consulting Club and the Technology Club hosted John Mazan from PwC for a follow-up session to Consulting 101. John discussed specific project work and career direction within technology consulting.

Thursday, October 8: Beacon Consulting Group Case Challenge
The Consulting Club hosted consultants Peter Scheve and Mike Kerrigan from Beacon Consulting to present a case that its management consulting practice is currently facing. We formed teams, provided guidance for case deliverables, and received feedback as well as a designated winning team from Beacon Consulting.

Wednesday, October 7: Beacon Consulting Group Information
5 to 6:30 PM Fulton 130

BC hosted Beacon Consulting Group, an operational strategy consulting firm that spoke about its management consulting practice and recruiting process. Afterwards, the Consulting Club introduced the Case Challenge to participants.

Friday, September 11: Consulting 101
4 to 5:30 PM Fulton 130

The Consulting Club hosted John Mazan from the Technology Consulting practice at PwC. John discussed the structure of PwC’s advisory group, the type of work performed by PwC engagement teams, and what topics graduates should be thinking about as it relates to the type of consulting they would like to be aligned with.

Wednesday, September 2: Consulting Club Kick-Off
4 to 5 PM Fulton 130

Fellow and prospective members joined the 2015 Graduate Consulting Club leaders for a brief club kickoff meeting. We discussed upcoming club events for the fall semester and answered any club-related questions or feedback that members had.