Dining Halls

There are 8 locations on campus to get food, some you may never venture to but just in case you are adventurous here is a map and description of each.

Options for eating inside of McElroy (pretty close to Fulton Hall)

  • Carney’s – located on the top floor of McElroy they have several hot and cold food stations including soft-serve ice cream.
  • Eagle’s Nest – located on the second level you can have a made-to-order deli sandwich, salads, and soup.
  • Chocolate Bar – located on the top floor behind Carney’s: indulge yourself with coffee and a lot of sweets.

Lyons Dining Hall
(located in the basement of Lyons, closest dining hall to Fulton Hall). Food is grab and go with pre-made sandwiches, soups, and misc snacks.

Bean Counters in Fulton Hall
Provides hot & cold beverages and a limited selection of pre-made sandwiches and snacks for students on campus in the evening.

Hillside Cafe (located on Campanella Way right next to Conte Forum plaza)
There are a number of selections of specialty sandwiches, paninis, and a full service coffee bar.

Options for eating inside of Corcoran Commons (on Lower Campus)
Lower Live on the first floor has several hot and cold food stations with a lot of choices.
Tamarind Cafe on the second floor has fresh Thai and Vietnamese specialties and sushi.
The Shack is located outside on the courtyard of Corcoran for a quick bite. This is only open seasonally.

Players Club (located in Walsh Hall)
Normally just serve lunch to faculty and staff, but you may attend special events there.

Conte Forum Concession
Food during all of the BC sporting events.

Stuart Hall (on Newton Campus)
On the law school campus, they offer a full menu of freshly prepared and grab and go items.

Follow this link to find out more information on the dining halls such as their hours and menu. When you get to campus for the first time, make sure you go to get your Eagle-One ID card. All University students, staff and faculty (and their spouses, if desired) are issued Eagle-One Cards through the Office of Student Services (Lyons Hall, room 103, next to Fulton Hall). Proof of identification such as a driver’s license or passport must be presented in order to be issued an Eagle-One Card. Spouses must present a Marriage License/Certificate. The initial fee for an Eagle-One Card is $30 and will be automatically billed to your student account. Spouses of students who receive an Eagle-One Card must pay for it at the time of issuance with a check or money order. A $20 fee will be charged for each replacement card. If you lose your Eagle-One Card, please go to Agora immediately to deactivate your card. A new card will be generated and available for pick up at the Office of Student Services, Lyons Hall 103. You may also go directly to the Office of Student Services during business hours to have your lost card cancelled and a replacement card issued. Please be aware that you remain responsible for card usage prior to deactivation. For more information, visit the Eagle-One card website.

Eagle Bucks
Your student ID is more than just another card to carry in your wallet. You can also store money on it to use in vending machines and on-campus dining. There are a number of options to choose from when putting money on your ID card, see below for details. To add money to your card, log into Agora and choose Eagle One Card – Add Funds. Choose Eagle One Card Activity Summary to check your balance, though there’s often a delay of a few days.

Optional Dining Bucks
Benefits: This account gives you a 10% point of sale discount all day, every day at qualifying on-campus dining locations.
Refunds: Any balance remaining at the end of the academic year will roll over to the next academic year. Upon graduation, a 100% refund on any balance over $5 will be applied to your student account.
Works/Doesn’t Work: Optional dining bucks work at all campus dining halls, BC concession stands, and in the vending machines. They do NOT work on printing (once you’ve run out of pages), on-campus laundry, the BC bookstore, or off-campus.

Eagle Bucks
Benefits: This optional account allows you the versatility to make purchases both on and off campus with your BC ID. There are no discounts associated with this account.

Works/Doesn’t Work: Eagle Bucks are accepted at all on-campus dining locations, residence hall laundry facilities, BC bookstores, network printing locations, as well as at participating off-campus restaurants, food delivery services and retail merchants. A detailed list of the off-campus merchants that accept Eagle Bucks can be found on the Eagle-One Card website.

Refunds: Any balance remaining at the end of the academic year will roll over to the next academic year. Upon graduation a 100% refund on any balance over $5 will be applied to your student account.

For more information, visit the Dining Services Eagle-One website or the Eagle-One Card website on Agora.