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Available Classes
Although there is no way to know for certain which elective will be available in a semester you can search for electives and course descriptions on Agora. This can be very helpful for those of you still searching for a specialization. Take some time and review the electives by subject matter and see which one might fit your interests the most.

Where to buy your textbooks
There are a couple of options for buying textbooks. Boston College Bookstore – located on the first floor of McElroy. You can also look up your textbooks online through such sites as Amazon, BigWords.com, and Abebooks.com. It is generally safer to search by the ISBN number than the books title since many authors use the similar titles in their textbooks. Second years and part-time students may have books to sell: look for postings on Facebook.

A note about course packets; almost every class has one and you can only get them at the bookstore or through a second year. If you borrow a second year’s be sure to check that the material has not changed. If you are buying your books online you might come across a number of international versions. It has been our experience these books are similar but not always identical to the US editions. International books tend to be much cheaper, and they are typically paperback making them lighter as well.