Boston & BC Resources

Most graduate students come to BC from outside of the  Boston area. Whether you’re coming from New York or China, you will probably some help in getting settled.

This page contains information provided by students. Some of this information might be incorrect or obsolete. Please contact the administration through the admitted students website for up-to-date information.


  • Health Insurance & Proof of Immunization
    Massachusetts law requires all students to be covered by Health Insurance in order to be protected in case of hospitalization or other costly outside medical services.
    For information on the Boston College Student Health Insurance Plan please visit the 2008-2009 Student Health Insurance Plan website.
    For Health Services Information including BC Health/Infirmary fees, off-campus health care options, and dental plan information, visit the University Health Services website for Graduate Students.
  • Professional attire 
    Professionalism is a major characteristic of our MBA program and, as members of the CGSOM community, students are expected to present themselves in a manner in keeping with our Core Values. Business casual is expected attire for all CGSOM activities, including orientation and classes, unless otherwise specified. Students should project a neat, professional image and should demonstrate respect for themselves as well as those around them. Business dress may be required for some activities, particularly those involving interactions with guests from the business community.
  • Lockers
    Just like high school. Lockers are a great place to store books, coats, munchies, dry erase markers, winter boots…anything you can think of. For locker request procedures, please email Karen Rubin.
  • Supplies
    Besides the standard school supplies you might not have shopped for in a few years (notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.), here are a couple of items you will want to be sure to have with you on campus.
    Dry erase markers – the study rooms have dry erase boards but markers are not provided

    • Mac Users – if you want to project onto the TVs in the study rooms you will need a VGA adapter.
    • Travel Mug – help keep the campus green and bring your own mug or water bottle
    • Silverware – (plastic or real) it’s not typically provided in the grad lounge so unless you want to walk to a dining hall to get a fork before eating your lunch while working on a group project bring your own.

Information from the administration
For up-to-date information from the administration, please visit the Full-Time MBA Guide

Financial Aid
Below is a step-by-step guide to getting financial aid, many of these steps you may have already completed but if you find yourself needing money later in the year this may be helpful.

First step: if you haven’t done this already is to fill out a FAFSA form.

Second step: fill out the Boston College financial aid form – this should have come with your acceptance letter. If not it is also online. This link will walk you through all the steps as well.

Once all the forms have been filed, you can log into agora with your BC username and password to find out your “Financial Aid Award Notification.” It’s by academic year and outlines how much you are able to get in aid for that year. Any federal loans you are eligible to receive will be here along with scholarship information. If you still need money beyond the awards already granted, you can get additional funding up until your total award package equals the “Cost of Attendance” BC has determined for you. In order to apply for grad plus loans you need to go to click on ASA direct and apply for grad plus. Keep in mind that there is no deadline on asking for more financial aid. Besides the federal aid offered as a student you can request additional funding at any time as long as it does not exceed the “Cost of Attendance.”

BC Terminology
Heard words that aren’t yet in your vocabulary? They may be BC specific. Check out this website for a good list of BC terms.

BC E-mail
Accessing your BC email address can be done from anywhere by signing in gmail. You can also set up our email to feed into Outlook (for PC users) or Entourage (for Mac users). You may find this odd but you have two email addresses that feed into this account. The first is your, which is usually a combination of your last name and first initial. The second is your full name and a number with periods in between such as More resources regarding your username, password, and other technical items please go see the IT website.

Useful BC Info
Students can print 500 pages per semester for free. If you print over 500 pages, you will be charged 3 cents per page to your Eagle Bucks account. This policy was implemented to “save trees and reduce costs” – essentially, to eliminate unnecessary printing. Based on the class of ’09, there was a wide range in printer use – a handful of students used their full quota, but many didn’t come close to using up all 500 pages per semester. Visit the IT help site and search for “student printing policy” for more information. To see how many pages you’ve printed, log into Agora and choose Eagle One Card Activity Summary to check your balance, though there’s often a delay of a few days. If you’re running out of pages, choose Eagle One Card – Add Funds, and be sure to add Eagle Bucks. The graduate computer lab on the second floor of Fulton is a great place to print; just log on to one of the computers in the lab. You can also set up to print remotely, so that you can send a document straight from your computer to the printers. Visit connecting to network printers, servers, and other BC services to learn how to connect remotely.

On-Campus Parking
Student applications for parking permits are being accepted now through Agora. Be sure you sign up as a graduate student ($230/year), and if you’re regularly commuting with classmates, investigate the carpool option as it’s less $$$ ($100, but divided among carpoolers, so you’ll need to be able to name who will be in your car).
Please also go to the link below on the Transportation and Parking Website to learn about other ways to commute to and from campus that save money and improve sustainability.

Murray Graduate Center
Founded in 1997, The John Courtney Murray, S.J. Graduate Student Center is dedicated to the support and enrichment of graduate student life at Boston College. Its primary purpose is to build a sense of community among the entire graduate student population, and cultivate a sense of belonging to the University as a whole. The Murray Graduate Student Center provides a welcoming space set aside exclusively for graduate students, as well as a wide range of programming developed, implemented, and promoted specifically for and by graduate students. Located at 292 Hammond Street the Murray Graduate Student Center is just across Beacon Street. Contact the Murray Graduate Student Center at It’s a great space to get away from the hectic life of Fulton, and there are study rooms that can be booked for group projects.

Post Office
There is a post office on campus. It is located in McElroy on the second floor; that is the same floor as the Eagles Nest. The phone number is 617-552-3522. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:00pm.

How best to get around on the T

Boston College strongly encourages all students to utilize the MBTA to get to and from campus. Passes can be purchased at a 11% discount by clicking here before August 4 (or January 12, 2016 for the spring semester).

The most direct route in the Green B line to the last stop, Boston College. This line runs all the way down Commonwealth Ave into Downtown.

If you are commuting from Coolidge Corner, the best route is the Green C line to the last stop, Cleveland Circle. From there, walk up Chestnut Hill Ave to the bus stop in front of the Bank of America and take the BC Shuttle to campus. If you are commuting from other areas (Cambridge, South Boston, etc), the best route is to take your respective lines (Blue, Red or Orange) into downtown and transfer to the Green D line. Take the Green D line to the Reservoir Station and the BC Shuttle stops directly in front. Some students believe that going one stop further to Chestnut Hill and walking down Hammond Street is faster than waiting for the BC Shuttle or walking around the reservoir.

If you were to walk from any of these stations (BC stop on the Green Line or the BC shuttle), it’s about a 5-10 minute walk from the Boston College T-stop to Fulton Hall. From Cleveland Circle (C or D line), on a nice day, you could walk around the reservoir to Fulton in about 20 minutes. In general, the Green B line is the slowest and if you live close enough and are going downtown, you’d much rather take the Green C or D. All Green lines will get crowded the day of a Red Sox game, but the D line will be the most congested since it stops right by Fenway. The T stops running at about 12 a.m. on weeknights and 12:45 a.m. on weekends, so if you plan on staying out late, bring cab money. If you pay on board, the fare is $2.00. If you purchase a refillable “Charlie Card”, the fare is $1.70. When taking the T during off-peak times, you may have to request your stop by hitting the button cords through out the train. If you don’t, the conductor may pass right by your stop. At times, on the Green B line, the train will suddenly become Express so you may have to get off and get back on the next train. For any additional information, please visit

**FOOTBALL GAME DAYS: Do not drive to BC – student permits are not valid on football game days. Parking on the day of a football game is a nightmare. Please take advantage of all the public transportation resources. The BC Shuttle stops right by Roggies/Cityside/Maryann’s and walking to the field/stadium area only takes about 15 minutes from the Cleveland Circle area.


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