FLAAG Team Members

Kanal Patel

Kanal Patel | VP Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
I am invested in creating a strong foundation for an equitable environment at Boston College with the help of the FLAAG team. I was born in India, raised in Toronto by immigrant parents, and completed much of my education in United States. Diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity are pertinent to sustain a culture where everyone’s differences are not only acknowledged but also celebrated. I look forward to seeing and being a part of the initiatives of change that FLAAG will bring about this coming year.

Dewin Hernandez

Dewin Hernandez | Committee Team Leader
I joined FLAAG because I believe in the mission. I hope to bring a social justice lens to current policy and practices at the Carroll School of Management to drive solutions that create an equitable and inclusive environment for all students to thrive.  As a founding member, I hope FLAAG’s platform will continue to invite students to step into their power as emerging leaders and realize their potential as catalysts for change by leveraging the inherent strengths in the diversity of their lived experiences.

Julia Parker

Julia Parker | Community Engagement Team Leader
Being a founding member of FLAAG is important to me because I want to see enduring change in the way black students are recruited, retained, represented, and recognized at Boston College.  I hope that in ten or 20 years the hard fought changes that we will enact this year will be on full display in Carroll School student demographics.

Thair Brown

Thair Brown | Community Engagement Team
FLAAG is important to me because it will serve as a means of giving voice to the voiceless as we strive to create a more equitable environment at Boston College. With such a diverse team mapping the way forward, we look forward to encouraging inclusive, innovative thinking, while ensuring that no one ever feels left out of the conversation.

Paige Friedlander

Paige Friedlander | Community Engagement Team
I am a part-time MBA student and am excited to support the graduate community through FLAAG. Currently, I am the talent manager at MassChallenge where I support inclusive hiring and onboarding, and am part of a team leading the I.D.E.A. (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) working group at the organization. Outside of work, I also serve on the Alumni and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion council for my alma mater St. Lawrence University. 

Griffin Gyr

Griffin Gyr | Community Engagement Team
I joined FLAAG because I saw it as a good opportunity to make a difference on important social issues. I have not participated at a highly active level in social oriented causes before—but I started to feel like I should be doing more. I am looking forward to listening to my fellow group and community members about how FLAAG can make a positive impact on the Boston College community.

Juan Carlos de la Guardia

Juan Carlos de la Guardia Arosemena |Committee Team
Being from Panama and having been immersed in different communities, I am aware of the challenges that students from diverse backgrounds are faced with. FLAAG provides a platform to bring about awareness and educate the Boston College community about inclusion, acceptance, and the overall value of having students with different perspectives.

Daniel Naparstek

Daniel Naparstek | Committee Team
I believe that students at Boston College are the future leaders of businesses, social circles, and other organizations. My hope is to share the principles of FLAAG with members of the Boston College community and to affect positive changes in all future endeavors.

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan | Committee Team
I joined FLAAG to help make Boston College feel like home for all of us. I hope that FLAAG contributes to making Boston College a community where we are excited to include everyone, celebrate our differences, and expand our perspectives.