GMA Representives



Adam Benjamin, MBA First Year Representative – Social

Adam is a first year representative with a passion for building relationships and helping others to do the same.  He will work with fellow GMA members to organize fun and engaging social opportunities.  Please let Adam know if you have any ideas or feedback on ways to improve the Carroll School of Management social experience.


Dave Cote, MBA First Year Representative – Networking

Dave is a first year representative helping with networking efforts on the GMA. Dave wants to facilitate networking initiatives for our class inside and outside of Boston College. He is passionate about serving others, making an impact, bringing our class together, and leaving a positive legacy.


Brittany Viola, MBA First Year Representative – Student Organizations

Brittany is a first year representative and assists Fergus with graduate club responsibilities. She is excited to work with fellow GMA members, graduate clubs, and administration to enhance our MBA experience. Brittany hopes to further students’ membership and engagement in club activities. If you have any questions, feedback or ideas related to clubs, please reach out to Brittany.


Scott Noddin, MBA First Year Representative – Treasurer

Scott is a first year representative and assists Kailey with treasurer responsibilities. He looks forward to assisting with organizing networking and social opportunities as well. Scott expects his keen interest in sports will show through his involvement in the GMA, through arranging sports related activities such as road game and ski trips. If you have any input or questions on how the GMA operates, feel free to reach out to Scott.